Lumenier Opens Masive New 24,000 SQ FT Facility for Drone Design and Fulfillment

FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle flying have been growing exponentially over the past few years. Drone Racing Leagues have been popping up around the world, attracting sponsors and networks like ESPN, Bud Light, Mountain Dew, AIG, GoPro, Ernst & Young and more. “I started this business just 4 years ago working evenings out of a small New York City apartment” says Tim Nilson, Founder and Owner of Lumenier. “I’m humbled to be already outgrowing our first commercial building, and now building a facility five times as big from the ground up.”

Lumenier has become the goto brand for FPV drone pilots who seek optimal performance. Like Formula One drivers, drone racers look for the fastest, most durable, yet lightweight gear for every ounce of power. “These drones can exceed 100 MPH and reverse directions in a split second, do flips and pretty much out maneuver any vehicle on the planet.” says Nilson. “It’s not just racing that is fueling our growth. We have new contracts for large commercial applications, like drone delivery, search and rescue, and agriculture.”

Lumenier leverages a network of over 500 dealers and distributors in over 70 countries. GetFPV is the largest FPV focused retailer and will also share the new facility. With over 5,000 products sold mainly online, the ability to grow is limitless.

Lumenier is a high-end designer and manufacturer of top quality racing drone products – airframes, motors, batteries, propellers, electronics, antennas, accessories, and more. The company operates from its main headquarters in Sarasota, Florida with wholly owned manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China. Leveraging their expert engineers in aeronautics, mechanical and electrical design, Lumenier has become known globally for its innovation and quality.

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