Review: Eachine Blade 185 RTF GPS OSD FPV Racer Drone Flight Test

The Eachine Blade 185 racing drone is based on the 32-bit Naze32 flight controller. This RTF (ready to fly) package has everything you need to start flying. We recommend ordering an extra battery or two. You can put everything together in just a few minutes and get flying as soon as you charge your battery. You will need to provide your own video monitor to view the video signal for flying FPV.

Quick Specifications of  the Eachine Blade 185

Brand: Eachine Blade 185
Frequency and Ch: 5.8G
Flying Time: About 7 minutes
Charging Time: 60 – 80 minutes
Control Distance: About 100m
Motor: 1806 2300KV brushless motors
Copter Battery: 3s 1300mah 30C lipo battery

What Comes In the Box

Eachine EB185 FPV Racing Drone

  • Eachine Blade 185 frame kit
  • Internal:1 X Naze32 Rev6 Full 10DoF Flight controller Build in Black box 4 X 12A Be-Heli 2-4S ESC
  • 5.8G 40CH Raceband Transmitter, 1 X OSD for Naze32 1 X Buzzer for Naze32 1 X LC-Power filter
  • FPV transmitter Antenna
  • 4  1806 2300KV motors
  • 8 X 4045 propellers
  • 520TVL CMOS 120 degree FPV camera
  • 3s 1300mah 30C lipo battery
  • B3PRO charger
  • Eachine I6 transmitter, and Eachine I6 receiver
  • TX60 receiver signal Installer, Spektrum DSM/DSMX receiver transfer cable
  • OSD tool, Allen wrench, Battery Tie


  • Cleanflight configurable Naze32 FC board.
  • Small but still big enough to carry a Runcam.
  • Barometer for altitude calculation and altitude hold.
  • GPS for calculation of flight parameters such as range, speed, home pointer.
  • FPV with on-screen display (OSD) of important flight parameters including GPS satellite status, Lat/Long, compass heading, altitude, flight time, range, remaining battery power, speed, flight mode, pitch, and roll.


  • Requires some minor configuration out of the box.
  • Prop clearance between prop tips and the battery is very tight.
  • Requires FAA registration.


If you’re looking for a nice ready to fly racer you’ll definitely enjoy the Eachine Blade 185.  This is a great entry level package. This RTF version has everything you need to get going, except the FPV goggles. It does take some tuning to get Blade 185 flying perfectly, but it’s a good flyer right out of the box. The FPV range and signal strength are very nice with very little interference.

The provided transmitter is the standard Eachine FS i6. it has great range and has a good run time.

The OSD telemetry includes battery voltage, speed, height, latitude, longitude, compass direction, pitch and roll angle, artificial horizon, flight mode, and GPS satellite status. The OSD data; it’s very smooth and clean, and it transmits in real time, it’s a very user-friendly system.

The propellers are a little tight on the shaft, but they still work great and are very durable. It uses a fully reprogrammable Naze 32 flight controller and a reprogrammable OSD system. It also has a built-in CleanFlight black box system for recording flight data. An invaluable feature for people that like to tweak their aircraft, it’s also great if you want to know what your top speed was or how high or how far you flew.

We would not recommend this for anyone who is new to flying quadcopters. The

The Blade 185  is powerful and fast, a great quad to get you into the FPV racing experience and the price is right! 

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