AirMap Launches Christmas Eve Tracker for Santa’s New Delivery Drone

North Pole – On December 24th-25th, AirMap will be tracking Santa’s first-ever Christmas Eve drone deliveries at

This holiday season, Santa is launching his new delivery drone, powered by AirMap’s airspace data and services platform. He’s packed the SleighMaster3000 with presents, and beginning on Dec 24th at 12:00 PM GMT/4:00 AM PT, he’ll be filing his flight plan and sharing his public flight on the AirMap web app.

Visit to view the countdown and get a sneak peek at Santa’s new drone. And on Christmas Eve, follow Santa’s drone as it delivers presents to homes around the world at

Santa uses the AirMap platform to learn more about where it is safe to fly – and where he needs special authorization to fly at night. If there’s a drone under your Christmas tree this year, be sure to check the rules on AirMap as part of your preflight before you fly, and always operate your drone responsibly.

Happy holidays from AirMap!

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