Datumate Introduces New DatuFly For ios Release

Datumate has launched a new version of DatuFly for iOS, a UAV app with industry-specific capabilities for surveying, construction, and infrastructure companies.

The new version 1.1.1. includes:

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro Support – Two new bundles were added to support DJI Inspire 1 Pro drones, one with the X5 camera and the other with the X3.
  • DJI Matrice 600 Support – A new bundle was added to support DJI Matrice 600 with X5 camera.
  • Speed Control for Vertical Missions – Control the drone speed when taking vertical images. This includes the option of taking images when the drone is hovering.
  • Optional Automatic Takeoff and Landing – Application is set by default to “manual takeoff and landing” for safety purposes. The operator will need to turn it off to enable automatic takeoff and landing. With manual takeoff and landing option, the operator will be asked to manually elevate the drone to a certain height and then start the automatic mission. When the mission is completed the operator will be asked to manually bring the drone back.
  • More Flexible Control of Mission Altitude — The operator can flexibly set the mission altitude for both oblique and vertical missions.
  • Control the Camera Angle for Oblique Missions – The operator has the option to change the angle if needed for oblique mission.
  • Chinese language support – DatuFly has a Chinese user interface.

The app is available through the Apple Store.


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