SPH Engineering Releases UgCS Software Update 2.10

SPH Engineering’s latest update to UgCS mission planning software for drones brings improvements to features, user interface ergonomics and a new affordable license type for UAV professionals.

Added support for PX4, DJI Matrice 600 and DJI A3 autopilot, expanding the already wide base of UgCS supported drones.

The UgCS version 2.10 features many changes, one of the biggest is automatic route calculation in the background as you draw it. Once the route is created – just upload it to the drone and it is ready to fly.

To ease route planning, the option to clone or move entire route as a single element is added. It is also possible to select multiple parts of a route and edit their common parameters in batch.

Starting from version 2.10 there will be four UgCS licenses available: UgCS OPEN, UgCS ONE, UgCS PRO and UgCS ENTERPRISE. All users who bought UgCS PRO before version 2.10 will be transferred to UgCS ENTERPRISE after update to version 2.10.

New UgCS PRO is created based on consultations with UAV professionals, to equip pro-users with a complete mission planner and ground control software to enable advanced mission management. Amongst basic UgCS features new UgCS PRO enables KML and DEM import, import of Geo-referenced images and NFZ management. Also, three simultaneous connections to UgCS server are allowed from clients thus lowering cost to start getting benefits from UgCS SDK (software development kit) and custom integrations with 3rd party systems for those who want to create more complex UAV control environments. Last but not least – all that for an affordable price.

To enable more ergonomic mission planning, user interface (UI) has been redesigned. UgCS event window is divided into two separate windows: one related to route events and second related to UAV events. Thus operator does not lose important drone status and warning messages between technical information concerning route setup and calculation.

Other significant improvements:
  • Joystick calibration support,
  • Changed vehicle profile sorting – profiles for recently added vehicles to mission are at the top,
  • Support for Parrot Sequoia camera,
  • Redesigned telemetry export for improved ease of use.

Full list of updates can be seen in UgCS version 2.10 release notes:

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