Valmie Purchases Five Transition BASE Systems from ALTI UAS

Valmie Resources Inc. has ordered five multi-rotor fixed-wing Transition BASE Systems from ALTI UAS, a leading unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) developer. Valmie will add the innovative hybrid systems to its existing product line of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). The five next-generation commercial aircraft will have the ability to take off and land vertically, practically anywhere.

The vertical take off and land (VTOL) systems will feature an efficient aerodynamic design that boasts one of the fastest deployment times for aircraft of this nature, claiming a case-to-flight time in less than five minutes. Unlike traditional fixed-wing drones, large complex launch and landing hardware is not required.

The hybrid systems feature the versatility of a multi-copter and the altitude, travel distance, and flight times associated with fixed-wing UAV’s. This model has a large payload bay area that can open to fit and mount a wide range of cameras, sensors and other equipment. The systems will provide Valmie with broad flexibility and mission scopes.

“As the requirements of our clients will vary greatly, Valmie will be able to use these rugged aircraft together with interchangeable software and hardware for a wide range of payload options to suit the exact performance needs of companies around the world,” said Gerald B. Hammack, President and CEO of Valmie Resources. “This initial order adds to other unmanned aircraft Valmie has in development and is expected to set the stage for the next phase of the company’s growth path.”

ALTI UAV’s products are based on many years of industry, technology and development experience. The company founder pioneered a range of commercial and industrial multi-rotor systems including the first small UAS with rapid deploy folding airframes, front mounted camera gimbals, and other unique features now found on many other systems.


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