Drone USA Announces Strategic Partnership Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc.

Drone USA, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc.  Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, ESAero is best known for their work on the NASA SCEPTOR X-57 “Maxwell” X-Plane contract, a 3,000 lb. electric flight demonstrator and NASA’s first manned experimental rocket in approximately 30 years.

Pursuant to this agreement, the Company will share facility space in San Luis Obispo, California at ESAero’s planned new headquarters facility and collaborate with ESAero on the development, improvement and customization of the Company’s UAV systems.  The Company expects that by partnering with ESAero it will be able to leverage ESAero’s first-rate capabilities in UAV and aerospace-related technologies to expand Drone USA’s research and development efforts and manufacturing and testing operations in the United States. This initiative will allow Drone USA to serve North American and international markets with U.S. made products while continuing the Company’s efforts in Brazil to serve Latin American markets and select international clients.

Mike Bannon, Drone USA’s CEO stated, “We are extremely satisfied with our association with ESAero. Andrew and the team at ESAero have created a company that stands head and shoulders above most in UAV technological competencies and by leveraging ESAero’s superior capabilities, we now possess an all-inclusive and advanced infrastructure in North America. This infrastructure provides the Company with the ability to optimize, manufacture, and test our UAV products’ with the assurance of expediency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. ESAero is also a producer of high-tech and high-reliability systems, trusted by many aerospace companies, including NASA. This agreement is a cornerstone of our strategy, as Drone USA advances in becoming a leading world contender in the professional UAV markets.”

Andrew Gibson, ESAero’s President said, “This partnership is the perfect marriage of resources between two companies with complementary attributes. Drone USA arrives with a superior set of products, and with a world-class team, responsible for the success of some of the largest UAV companies in the marketplace. Our ability to optimize and customize their portfolio for specific market sectors complements Drone USA’s national and international reach to generate an optimal operational manifesto. Organically, this would take years and big investment to construct but though this partnership, we are able to expedite and combine our efforts into delivering first rate US made quality UAV products.”

About ESAero
Formed in 2003, ESAero has served the needs of the UAV and aerospace industries, through its advanced work on state-of-the-art and innovative concept development, aircraft modifications, conceptual air vehicle designs for military and commercial applications, sub-scale technology demonstrators, all-electric & hybrid-electric propulsion systems, niche engineering support, and turn-key production capabilities. ESAero is located at the Oceano (CA) County Airport (L52), and in two modern facilities in San Luis Obispo, CA. Leveraged on several NASA-wide Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) efforts, ESAero has recently been awarded a multi-million-dollar contract as the prime contractor and integrator for the NASA SCEPTOR X-57 “Maxwell”, a 3,000 lb. all electric flight demonstrator that will be NASA’s first manned X-plane in 30 years.

About Drone USA Inc.
Headquartered in New York, New York, Drone USA is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAV”) and related services and technologies company that is engaged in the research, design, development, testing, manufacturing, distribution, exportation and integration of advanced low altitude UAV systems, services and products. The Company also provides procurement, distribution and logistics services through its subsidiary, Howco Distributing Co., to the United States’ Department of Defense and Defense Logistics Agency. Drone USA has operations based in New York NY, Vancouver, Washington and is expecting to open a research, development and manufacturing facility in San Luis Obispo, California in early 2017.

Drone USA’s target markets include select domestic and international government, public safety and commercial segments such as agriculture, photogrammetry, mining, utilities, and entertainment. The Company continues to seek strategic acquisitions and partnerships with UAV related firms that offer superior technologies in high-growth markets, as well as acquisitions and partnerships with firms that have complementary technologies and infrastructure.

For additional information about Drone USA, please visit www.droneusainc.com.

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