Defiant Labs Launches Next Generation Drone The DX-3

Canada’s drone leaders, The Sky Guys Ltd, announced today their new technology division, Defiant Labs with the unveiling of their drone, the DX-3. Set to disrupt all previous industry standards, the DX-3 has vertical take-off and landing and fixed wing flight capability.

The groundbreaking DX-3 will be officially released at the International UAV Show, hosted by The Sky Guys and Cambridge House International on December 6th and 7th in Toronto. The International UAV show is the first of its kind in Canada and will feature leading speakers, and a drone race.

“The DX-3 will fundamentally change the drone industry,” said Adam Sax, CEO and Founder of The Sky Guys, and owner of Defiant Labs, “Until now, drones had limited endurance, range, required runways, line of sight operation, data processing lagged and most drones needed ideal climate conditions to perform or be deployed.”

“This is Canadian technology, it is world-leading technology and we will design, manufacture and produce the DX-3 in Canada. The DX-3 is robust, capable for operation and deployment in challenging conditions like rain, desert or arctic. It’s only fitting that a Canadian company would make a drone that can endure and withstand environmental extremes.”

“In addition to the hardware technology innovations, the DX-3 is leading in data analytics, capable of live data processing,” noted, Sax. “Not only do we have advanced imaging processing for industrial inspections and security applications, the data processing features predictive analytics forecasting. We are excited to have partnered with NVIDIA to build proprietary solutions based on their learning algorithms. Because the basic platform is AI-enabled the patterns and possibilities are endless.”

Flight testing and pre-orders of DX-3 will commence mid-2017.

The newly unveiled DX-3 drone is specially designed to monitor and inspect remote long range infrastructure, be it for oil and gas pipelines, power transmission lines or disaster relief and security.

DX-3 is the only drone to offer the following:

  • Over 24 hours of endurance with satellite link,
  • 1500 kilometer range of use,
  • Carries up to 3 kilograms of payload,
  • Integrated sensors such as a high resolution optical zoom cameras and ifread,
  • Optional LIDAR for 3D mapping,
  • Vertical takeoff and landing, with fixed wing flight capability, meaning it can take off and land without a runway while maintaining the efficacy of long range flight, this is ideal for remote locations,
  • ‘Built tough’ to work in all environmental conditions, from rain to desert to arctic.

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