Bonduelle North America Engages Deveron for Drone Data Services

Deveron UAS Corp., is pleased to announce that it has secured a new contract with Bonduelle North America, , part of the Bonduelle Group, the largest producer of ready-to-use vegetables in the world.

“Deveron continues to secure relationships with global leaders in agricultural innovation,” commented David MacMillan, Deveron’s President and CEO.  “Large enterprise scale operators can benefit from working with Deveron to integrate near-real time, field level data into their workflow, improving efficiencies in crop scouting and better management of input applications.  We are excited to collaborate with Bonduelle on their mission of making their producers the best and most efficient possible.”

Bonduelle has a long history of supporting growers in mastering agriculture by combining farming practices that respect the environment and deliver high quality production to offer consumers healthier vegetables.  With its focus on sustainable agriculture, preserving soil quality and conserving natural resources are central.  Data plays an important role in this process.

“At Bonduelle, we intensively manage each field from planting to harvest alongside the growers we work with, thus making sure decisions are made at the right time in the crop’s life.” commented Jennifer Thompson, Bonduelle Americas.  “The potential for agronomic support that drones provide tie in with our focus on sustainably increasing production on all of our fields, year over year.  Bonduelle has a unique opportunity to support its growers through investing in leading technology that we ultimately hope will help our growers produce better crop.  We look forward to continuing our work with Deveron into the 2017 grow season.”

About Deveron UAS:

Deveron is a full-service enterprise drone data services company focused on agriculture offering the opportunity to increase yields and reduce costs through the use of sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS” or “drones”), sensors, software and analytics.  Deveron’s drone data service network allows enterprise level customers to obtain on-demand, actionable data and eliminates technology and capital risks.

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