Red Cat Propware Launches Open Source Software and Services for the Drone Industry

Red Cat Propware, a leading provider of software and services for the drone industry, today announced its official launch and headquarters opening in Humacao, Puerto Rico. In conjunction with its launch, the company is actively hiring a team of local software developers, engineers, drone pilots, drone instructors and customer support staff.

Drones have already made the leap from military use to consumer use, and with the recent FAA rulings, we are seeing increased adoption of drones for commercial and civil government applications. Drones can perform many existing jobs faster, safer and at a much lower cost than humans and are becoming powerful tools for businesses. Red Cat will utilize the open source community and the thousands of pilots to quickly bring new features to the drone market.

“Adoption of drones for commercial and competitive racing is exploding, pushing the limits of the software and features,” said Jeff Thompson, founder and CEO of Red Cat Propware. “We see massive opportunity for innovation and growth in this space, and opening for business in Puerto Rico and leveraging the universities will position us firmly as a market leader in developing commercial drone software.”

Red Cat Propware’s base of operations will provide the company access to Puerto Rico’s vibrant and growing developer community in addition to students and researchers at the University of Puerto Rico. The company will also benefit from the commonwealth’s significant tax and business incentives through acts 20, 22 and 73, as well as a climate conducive for year-round drone testing and racing.

“Our efforts to diversify Puerto Rico’s economy keep generating tangible results. Red Cat Propware has recognized the competitive business edge Puerto Rico offers where access to top-notch human capital is fundamental. Industry leaders like Red Cat Propware will certainly play a key role in our transition to a modern Puerto Rico, one based on innovation and knowledge,” said Alberto Bacó Bagué, Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico and President of the Government Development Bank.

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