MMC Introduces Competitor to DJI M600: Multi-Function Drone Offers Cost-Effective Alternative for Industry

MMC introduces a cost-effective competitor to DJI’s M600: the F6 Plus, a multi-function drone with interchangeable mounts for varying industrial applications.  The F6 Plus offers customizable features including:

  • 200 payloads.
  • Commercial customized payloads are configured to meet the needs of any mission.
  • Plug-and-play universal mount system.
  • Plug-and-play system provides an ideal platform for development.
  • Automatic safety kill switch.

The drone, including batteries, is a mid-size 15.6 kg (about 34 pounds) falling under U.S. Small UAS regulations and can carry a large capacity 6 kg payload.

While many industrial drones are designed for a specific application, the F6 Plus is a truly cross-functional unit – making it an extremely cost-effective option for industries like law enforcement and security, where one drone may be required to serve multiple functions including crowd control, surveillance, or search and rescue.  

Featuring “Plug-and-play design,” the F6 Plus has a universal mount device.  Interchangeable mounts can be installed quickly and easily to change the function of the drone, simply by plugging them in. The “intelligent drop” mount allows for drone delivery such as the delivery of emergency supplies in search and rescue missions; specialized crowd control agents such as tear gas mounts provide emergency coverage, and a variety of cameras offer options for scene assessment and surveillance functions.

The F6 Plus is well-suited for other commercial uses such as industrial inspection. LIDAR and other mounts provide precisely the right tool for applications in inspection, surveying, mapping, agriculture and energy applications such as power line stringing.  The mount can be customized to accommodate unique enterprise requirements.

“We wanted to offer our users as many options as possible,” says by the CTO Mr. Chen of MMC’s development team.  “The F6 Plus is a cost-effective industrial drone with all of the features that enterprise expects – but with the ability to serve many industrial and public sector functions for a single investment.”

“’Plug-and-play design’ makes the F6 Plus unique,” says Mr. Tian ,“This one drone can perform many different jobs.”

About MMC: MMC is a global provider of industrial drone solutions, based in Shenzhen, China.  With a full suite of commercial drones including their innovative long-range hydrogen series, MMC offers cutting edge solutions in power line stringing, industrial aerial inspection, forestry, mapping and other industrial verticals.  MMC is currently entertaining reseller partnerships; for information on partnerships or for more details on the F6 Plus please send email to or visit

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