Aeryon Provides Real-Time Solutions for Aerial Intelligence Across the Enterprise

Leveraging our renowned sUAS platform, SaaS offerings and industry expertise, Aeryon enables customers to create scalable UAS inspection and emergency response solutions.

With 10 years of in-field experience and tens of thousands of flight hours, Aeryon is pleased to announce the availability of end-to-end enterprise solutions for its energy and utility customers. Based on deep industry expertise in inspection procedures for applications across these industries, Aeryon offers a phased approach to scaling a UAS solutions, ensuring technical and financial feasibility.

Aeryon’s Enterprise Solutions follow a 7-step workflow process which we have determined as critical to support compliance assurance, technical & financial feasibility, and to capitalize on the actionable insights that were generated.

Figure 1 – Enterprise Solutions – Workflow

Figure 1 – Enterprise Solutions – Workflow

For each of these seven steps, Aeryon offers software, hardware, and services to make sure resources are effectively utilized.

The process begins with the Customer Systems and determining support for the integration to Asset Management and GIS applications.

The Work Management within AeryonLive allows for validating no-fly zones and checking for weather restrictions. Within the Aeryon SkyRanger™ Mission Control Station (MCS) software, users have the ability to save flight plans for specific assets that can be reused in the future.

For Compliance Assurance Aeryon provides easy civil aviation authority reporting by exporting flight logs and mission specific information in a ready-to-submit format. The integration with real-time civil aviation authority no-fly zone services, geo fencing, and standard operating procedures helps enterprises stay safe and adhere to regulatory constraints.

Through the Dispatching & Fleet Management functionality, operators can utilize fleet management and pilot management cloud-based applications where aircraft flight hours, aircraft health, pilot currency and pilot experience are tracked on a per flight basis. Users can also leverage the Service Provider network to ensure that work orders are completed within predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These applications are also UAS agnostic in order to support diverse fleets of aircraft.

During Flight Operations users have the ability to live stream their operations to anywhere in the world utilizing AeryonLive, Video & Telemetry. The MCS platform allows for tablet, RC, or autonomous control of the aircraft with orbital and grid pattern capabilities. Select camera payload sensors are equipped with target tracking capabilities; enabling the user to move the aircraft while focusing the sensor on a given point on a stationary object. Enhancing in-the-field operations even more, the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAScan withstand 55 mph (90 kph) wind gusts, rain or snow, has unmatched flight time, can tolerate temperatures of -22F to 122F (-30C to 50C) and delivers high quality, stabilized, imagery from as far as 1000 ft (300 m) standoff distance.

Data Processing can be a daunting task given the (often) large amount of data that can be generated. Our partnerships with various photogrammetry and data visualization vendors enable users to collect the data needed for the inspection and create the outputs and reports as required. Using the media managementapplication, images are organized sequentially allowing for quick retrieval when needed.

The most important step of the overall workflow is Analytics & Reporting. Aeryon offers a service to take advantage of its subject matter expertise. This service provides condition review of flight data and generates reports which can be either ingested by a customer’s Asset Management application or in Excel/PDF format.

For organizations interested in either a phased approach to scaling their enterprise UAS solution or the Aeryon sUAS and Enterprise Solutions offerings, we offer the following engagement processes:


We look forward to helping our customers build scalable and successful enterprise UAS solutions.

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