NVdrones Announces DroneDeploy Compatibility and One-of-a-Kind Instant Flight Reports

NVdrones, a start-up that provides cloud-based software solutions for drone fleet management, today announced compatibility with DroneDeploy flight logs as well as the ability to create beautiful and comprehensive flight reports at the push of a button.

ab0b97f498cea6a4dcd5fb71a978c999-nvdrones-announces-dronedeploy-compatibility-and-oneofakind-instant-flight-reports-minNVDash, the company’s flagship product that hundreds of drone companies already use to manage their fleet, is now compatible with DroneDeploy, the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. With this update, the data from any flight flown with the DroneDeploy mobile app can be easily uploaded to NVDash within seconds. This is optimal for companies looking to automate data recording processes, monitor equipment performance, as well as explore trends in flight characteristics.

“DroneDeploy shares our vision for automated, intelligent, and insightful data,” said Kevin Mukai, co-founder of NVdrones. “Not only regarding data about farms or construction sites but also regarding the drone and pilot themselves.”

DroneDeploy said in its official statement, “Direct access to actual flight logs that can be easily leveraged in software like NVdrones eliminates the tedious, manual data entry process for capturing flight data, and enables drone operators to easily track and monitor their drone flights for regulatory compliance, insurance and fleet maintenance.”

In addition to tracking and managing the usage of pilots, drones, and batteries, NVDash users can now generate beautiful and comprehensive flight reports at the push of a button. These PDF reports can be easily shared online with clients and/or downloaded for compliance purposes. With a 1-touch activation, users can instantly generate these flight reports that includes pilot, equipment, telemetry, airspace, and weather information, all done automatically.

NVdrones says feature rollout will be rapid in the coming 2-3 months – recent progress seems to validate that trend. In August of this year, NVdrones released its Android app, NVDash Mobile, promising to alleviate the pain of drone pilots logging flights in the field. Since then hundreds of companies have flocked to its solution praising its intelligent interface design, focus on checklist customization, as well as its partnership with industry-leader AirMap.

“Drone fleet management and analytics on flight operations are going to be valuable for commercial businesses. We are impressed by NVdrones’ velocity and excited to collaborate with them to provide a better experience for our joint customers,” said Manu Sharma, Product Manager at DroneDeploy.

For a limited time users can use both NVDash Web and Mobile for free on an unlimited basis.

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