GDU Launches Advanced Byrd – World’s Only Folding and Modular Consumer Drone

Developer of industry’s first foldable and only modular drone gets better with new features and addition of fully integrated GoPro gimbal

GDU, announced the company is shipping the Advanced Byrd model featuring the fully integrated GoPro gimbal. The Advanced model offers users additional features and functionality, including ability to use the most popular action camera on the market.

GDU’s Advanced Byrd model maintains the same portability feature consumers loved from the first model – the world’s first drone to fold up small enough to fit into a backpack, while also having the only modular gimbal capability and the power to lift the world’s favorite and most used DSLR cameras.

“The GDU Advanced Byrd enters the market as the most capable consumer drone based on Byrd’s flying platform configuration,” stated Nicolia Wiles, GDU Director of Digital. “Byrd was the first foldable drone on the market, but is also the only drone with completely interchangeable gimbals. Whereas the competition can only offer one camera to use with their drone, the Byrd can use multiple camera types on a single flying platform. The mission of GDU has always been to solve the biggest problems users face with typical drones – portability, power and modularity. While some manufacturers have followed us on creating foldable drones to solve the portability issue, only GDU has the power and modular design necessary to add additional components and carry third party cameras.”

The Advanced Byrd provides for 29 minutes of flight time, with a guaranteed 1000-meter video downlink system included in the shipped model (no additional downlink technology needed) and also offers a more advanced OFDM system, compared to WiFi transmission in the Standard model. Price of the Advanced Byrd model will be $849.00. The much anticipated Premium model will also be shipping soon. Interested individuals can find dealer information here:

Advanced Byrd Stats:

·        Only drone with interchangeable gimbal/camera configurations (not stuck with one camera)

·        Future-proofed for use with DSLR cameras

·        ‘Follow Me’ technology

·        OFDM HD 1000m video downlink system

·        Optical and ultrasonic flight assistance (for inside flights)

·        29-minute flight time

·        Included 3-axis gimbal integrated for GoPro cameras

·        Route planning

·        Intelligent orientation control

·        Smart ‘return-to-home’ feature

·        Tested in the world’s harshest climates to ensure quality

For more information on where to purchase and product details, visit

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