Vertitek Releases Three New Drone Racing Products

Vertitek, is now offering three new drone racing products to the public. This launch comes as part of Vertitek’s plan to enhance its Engineering and Services Department, which will allow for 100% in-house fabrication of commercial grade UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) products.

“Vertitek’s initial product, the LDE 180, showed brisk sales and has already proven to be popular among some of the fastest drone racing pilots in the country,” said Sean Foster, President of Vertitek. “In our home state of Louisiana, you would be hard pressed to find a racer who is not using one of our frames and excitement is building for our three new products.”

Vertitek’s recently established division, Vertitek Racing, specializes in fabricating and selling racing frames for the competitive drone racing industry. Vertitek Racing’s original product, Model LDE 180, is extremely light and durable. It was quickly accepted among drone racers.

The three new Vertitek Racing products are the LDX, the LDE 199, and the LDE 130.

The extremely lightweight yet rugged LDX is a hybrid frame that allows the pilot to seamlessly go from racing to freestyle. It is perfect for going fast and doing tricks.

The LDE 199 is now the go-to racing frame for the Vertitek Racing Team. It is almost 20mm larger than the original LDE 180 yet is equally light and durable. Using the newest battery and motor technology, it is not uncommon to reach top speeds of 90 mph with this model.

The LDE 130 is a smaller frame that can be utilized with the same components as the larger Vertitek models. Built from 2.5mm carbon fiber, this tiny quadcopter is capable of keeping up with frames in a much larger category. Using 3-inch propellers, this frame can reach speeds in excess of 65 mph and is extremely nimble in the corners.

In addition to the drone racing frames, Vertitek’s engineering and services component will offer design and prototyping to the commercial drone industry, backed by several leading edge 3D printers. Services will include reliable and fast turnaround for repairing or replacing broken parts.

All Vertitek racing frames are available for purchase online at

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