FreeSkies Announces the Full Release of CoPilot for DJI

FreeSkies, a DJI 3rd party app developer and SDK partner, announces the full release of their first consumer product, CoPilot for DJI. The free iOS app allows users of all experience levels (even a 7-year-old first-time pilot) to capture smooth and dynamic video using a keyframe-based autonomous mission planning interface. Initially proposed in research at Stanford’s Computer Graphics Lab, FreeSkies’ 3D path planning interface allow users to select 3D waypoints to design camera motion beyond the traditional Orbit, Cablecam, Selfie smart shots. Each 3D waypoint represents the viewpoint of the drone and by selecting the playback feature, users can visualize the entire video to be captured long before actually flying.

Until now CoPilot has been available for $19.99 USD, but is now available for free download on the App Store.


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