ApolloShield Develops New Counter-UAV System

Israeli company ApolloShield has developed a new counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system designed to detect, identify, and defeat illicit UAVs.

Formerly known as AirFence, the eponymously named ApolloShield system detects UAVs using acoustic, optical, and/or radio sensors, before commanding unauthorised intruders to land using their in-built ‘go home’ facility.

The ApolloShield is made up of two subsystems: the ‘plug-and-play’ Apollo CyberBox and the tablet-based Apollo Command Center. The former does the work of detecting and taking control of the UAV, while the latter enables the operator to control the functionality of the Apollo CyberBox.

Add-ons include the ability to integrate into other UAV detection devices, a signal blocker to jam UAVs, and the use of nets to physically capture UAVs instead. The system is already being used operationally in the United States by an undisclosed law enforcement agency.

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