Review: Traxxas Aton Case From Aces Deals

One of the first things you’ll realize you need when you’ve started flying your new Traxxas Aton is a hardcover case to protect all your gear while still having it easily transported. Unfortunately, the options for a custom fit case are very limited.

After a quick Google search, we found the case from We ordered online and received a shipping confirmation with tracking info within an hour; our case arrived a few days later! Once we unboxed the case, the first impression was “Wow!”.4517_c

As for fit, the cutouts are perfect! The Aton fits snugly with the props on – it slides down nicely into the foam, just snug enough so that it’s not bouncing around without having to force the Aton down. The same is true for the battery and controller slots. The foam is nice and thick all over, including the lid – it’s not exposed at all.  You can trust this case to keep everything needed for a flying mission safe and secure.



  • Can store up to five batteries.
  • Available in two colors, graphite grey, and black.
  • Three locking latches, and the ability to install two padlocks.


  • Not watertight (We’re not planning on taking our copter swimming anyway).


We highly recommend this case as we just can’t see spending $300+ for a case when this one securely holds everything needed. Best of all, it doesn’t break the bank.

For more information, or to order your case check out

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