QuestUAV Launches Data Processing Service

QuestUAV, have spent many years developing and flying UAVs, capturing data for developing into output products. Recently celebrating their 5 year anniversary they have expanded their processing facilities to make them fully available to the wider drone community.

Given the experience of spending capital building an in-house processing capability – using spare capacity from these fully qualified specialists to get the best outputs from data was the next logical step.

Platform agnostic processing
Geo-referenced image data can come from any capture platform – fixed-wing, rotary, and beyond.

Data processing jobs are fixed-cost

Take the guesswork out of pricing this highly variable area of survey jobs.

Data output products supplied quickly
Powerful systems process data in the shortest times.

Professional level outputs every time
The system is part of QuestUAV in-house capability, so post-processing specialists fold external data processing jobs into the standard workflow. Your work will be processed alongside QuestUAV’s own.

Full online service – straightforward, simple
Capture your data, upload to a secure service, await processing, and outputs, collect securely.

Data audit to provide insights for improvements*
Many years of experience in planning missions, collecting data and processing for the best outputs let the team give insights into improvements for future missions and pointers to help avoid issues that can affect data quality.

Largest supplier of Pix4D licenses in Europe
From working with clients around the world – should you wish to build or retain some in-house capability QuestUAV can help you with all aspects of setup and workflow.

About QuestUAV

QuestUAV is a UK developer and manufacturer of professional sub-7Kg and sub-2Kg, fixed-wing Unmanned Aircraft that are designed to carry multi-sensor payloads. QuestUAV Ltd is a leader in mission workflows, GIS services and provides 360 support for all products and services. The 360-degree approach defines a complete service, designed to work together with users from the first day to ongoing operations management. This approach provides the only comprehensive, integrated service, enabling seamless customer experience in a high-risk results driven environment.

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