Little Arms Studios To Unveil Zephyr Drone Training Simulator At InterDrone 2016


Little Arms Studios, a market leader in enterprise-grade drone pilot training simulators, is excited to announce the unveiling of its Zephyr drone training simulator at this year’s InterDrone conference in Las Vegas September 7-9, 2016.


Zephyr is a result of a long and intense development effort, and we are excited to finally make it available to the sUAS community after integrating functions and capabilities suggested by more than 50 enterprise customers and drone professionals who participated in Zephyr beta trials,” said Kyle Bishop, CEO of Little Arms Studios. “As proven during the trials, Zephyr has immediate, wide-ranging uses for universities and community colleges with growing drone curriculum’s, aviation schools that train professional drone pilots, public safety and disaster relief agencies, and enterprises with industry-specific needs and applications.”

Based on feedback, Zephyr will have many new features such as an updated drone physics model, improved usability, visual updates, expanded controller support. This is on top of the other unique features Zephyr offers, including a learning management system that allows instructors to track trainees’ progress to ensure learning objectives are met and skills are developed, and a host of other administrative features that are important to enterprise customers. “Zephyr is currently far ahead of other drone pilot simulators currently on the market, and we are committed to maintaining our competitive lead over other enterprise-grade drone by working directly with aviation schools and institutions, major drone suppliers and enterprises,” said Stewart VanBuren, CTO of Little Arms Studios.

About Little Arms Studios

Little Arms Studios, a rapidly growing company headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, is a leader in providing cutting-edge drone and public safety training simulators, customized mobile apps, and software solutions involving gamification, 3-D modeling and augmented reality features for enterprise customers. Little Arms Studios is associated with the Virginia Serious Games Institute and is backed by Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group, a Virginia-based private equity firm.

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