Unmanned Experts Announces a UMEX Academy Flight Course for Part 107 UAS Operators


Unmanned Experts, a Denver-based provider of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) managed services, consulting and training, announces its first week-long course dedicated to preparing individuals to train and qualify for the new FAA “Remote Pilot Airman Certificate with Small UAS Rating.” This certificate allows its holders to operate UAS in commercial environments and incorporate UAS and drone systems into their businesses.

The first Part 107 Academy (PT107) will run from Monday 12th to Friday 16th September inCentennial, Denver Colorado. Course booking is available online here (https://unmannedexperts.talentlms.com/catalog/info/id:95) and Joining Instructions will be sent out upon booking. Discounts for public safety workers, military and veterans are available, so contact us to get the relevant discount code.

With the recent release of the Part 107 Small UAS Rules, effective in late August, the Federal Aviation Administration has greatly expanded the opportunity for interested parties to use UAS technology in commercial applications. Flying within a basic framework of rules, such as using UAS lighter than 55 pounds, during daylight, within visual line-of-sight, qualified operators can perform typical missions such as photography and inspections and even develop new and innovative applications for UAS platforms. The UMEX course is designed to prepare thoughtful business people to embrace the exploding commercial potential for drone uses that the FAA rules encourage.

“This is a natural extension for Unmanned Experts,” said CEO Keven Gambold. “In the last six years, we’ve provided a variety of UAS courses, from introductory level to highly specialized, to over 1000 students, both in classrooms and online. Our knowledge base in the UAS environment is second to none. So it was easy for us to assemble the key elements into a course targeted to getting students to qualify for the Part 107 Certificate.”

“But we didn’t stop there. The FAA’s Part 107 knowledge test does not require an actual demonstration of UAS flight proficiency. We know that those serious about using UAS in their businesses would want a thorough and safe introduction to UAS flight. So we’ve incorporated into the course two full days of supervised flight training with our UAS fleet. Upon graduation, our students should have not only an SUAS certificate, but a high confidence level for evaluating, acquiring, and deploying their own UAS tools in their current or future businesses.”

The five-day program is designed to cover the essential elements for qualifying to operate drones commercially under the Part 107 rules. It includes a preparatory online Part 107 introductory brief covering the key SUAS operating concepts and guidance on getting the Transport Security Agency (TSA) clearance. Then, in the classroom, attendees will get in-depth exposure to topics including safety, ethics, UAS systems, emergencies, and flight planning and execution.

A full day of flight indoctrination will be scheduled in a comfortable indoor facility, and another day will focus on outdoor, real-world flying. And to simplify the part 107 qualification process for attendees, UMEX will schedule attendees to take the Part 107 Remote Pilot Airman exam at a licensed FAA test facility during the course week.

“We pride ourselves on our high level of instruction conducted in a collegial environment thatencourages thoughtful questions, unhurried discussions and individual attention,” said Dave Prall, VP, Special Projects and one of the chief instructors. “As with our prior commercial course graduates, our Part 107 graduates will gain a solid foundation of knowledge and skills ahead of real-world UAS deployment.”

For more information, write to checkout unmannedexperts.com.

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