UAV Ground School Experiences Explosive Growth


Gold Seal partnered with UAV Experts in late 2013 and launched the country’s first dedicated UAV Ground School program ( in anticipation of the new FAA Part 107 rules governing commercial drone operations. Since the release of the final FAA Part 107 rules for commercial drone flight, UAV Ground School has updated its curriculum and registered hundreds of additional students who are eager to receive professional test preparation for the FAA Part 107 written test.

The program uses FAA-compliant materials that are presented in an online interactive multimedia format allowing students to learn at their own pace. UAV Ground School is produced in partnership with the nation’s pilot education leader Gold Seal who has prepared over 45,000 private pilots for their FAA Knowledge Test. FAA certified flight instructors as well as the UAV industry’s most experienced pilot operators designed the UAV Ground School Program. The program is created specifically for the person who wants to be a professional UAV operator and wishes to gain full FAA certification.

The FAA released the final Part 107 UAV regulations on June 23rd. Industry insiders have since identified the FAA Knowledge Test (written test) as the key component of FAA certification. UAV Ground School graduates may sit for the FAA Remote Operator Knowledge Test at any FAA testing center in the United States. Passing the FAA Knowledge Test and being a legal and safe operator will give graduates a major leg up as commercial UAV uses continue to explode. Recreational users will also benefit from the knowledge and confidence gained from successful completion of the UAV Ground School program.

Cliff Whitney, President of recently stated, “There is so much confusion as to how to become a legal UAV pilot. As an aircraft pilot and longtime UAV remote operator I have always been dedicated to training and the safe operation of all aircrafts. It made sense for Gold Seal and UAV Experts to take our skill sets and provide the proper tools UAV operators needed to pass their FAA written test. UAV Ground School offers interactive multimedia lessons, built-in testing, and an expansive documentation library, providing students a way to learn the in-depth FAA Part 107 rules in an easy and fun manner. We also have a wholesale program that allows other training companies to use our program to enhance their own programs. I encourage everyone to watch the intro video on our site and take the first lesson, it’s free with no credit card required.”



Based in north Atlanta GA,, the sister company to renowned RC and UAV, is one of America’s most respected suppliers of unmanned aerial systems and aerial photography equipment for commercial, agricultural, governmental and industrial applications. UAV Experts combines decades of experience and legendary customer service with a focus on the needs of professionals, providing design, manufacture, consulting, training, and service of UAVs for a multitude of applications.

About Gold Seal:

Gold Seal was founded in 2006 by aerospace author and Master CFI Russell Still, founder of Atlanta Flight, Inc. Over 45,000 students and pilots have registered since the inception of the Gold Seal Ground School programs.

Source: UAV Ground School

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