Drone Control Systems And The Sahuarita Police Department Take To The Skies


Drone Control Systems is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with the Sahuarita Police Department for a pilot program effective now through December 31,2016. Drone Control Systems’ LADDAS® UAV/Drone integrated software and hardware solution provides near real- time data via private and secure cloud services to ensure administrators are fully aware of where their UAVs are operating while providing a detailed understanding of the type of operations that are currently being exercised. This unique solution provides the Sahuarita Police Department with the ability to manage, track, monitor, and provide near real-time pilot notifications to personnel operating on the ground through advanced mobile applications.

LADDAS will support the Sahuarita Police Department in the field in the areas of crime scene investigations, traffic accident investigations, as well as providing an aerial view during search and rescue operations, and natural disasters. LADDAS also gives them the tools to provide aerial support to other law enforcement agencies in the region. This was previously only available through expensive manned aircraft operations.
Drone Control Systems is currently providing onsite pilot training to the Sahuarita Police Department. Guidance is being given regarding the FAA requirements to obtain the part 107 ꜱUAS Remote Pilot Certificate. Select officers are being taught the necessary skills to fly and maintain a UAV fleet. Drone Control Systems strives to provide high level training both online and onsite.

The data collected from the pilot program will demonstrate the best uses for LADDAS within the Sahuarita Police Department, and will also identify other sectors in the town that would benefit from LADDAS UAV integration. LADDAS is a low cost, high value system. We predict that the pilot program will show maximized use of tax dollars by allowing for more efficient use of police officers’ time and other department resources, while effectively maximizing the safety, of not only the community, but those guarding its safety as well.

John Noland, Sahuarita Chief of Police, said, “When they explained to me all the things that LADDAS
could do, I was on board. When drone operators use LADDAS, it educates them, and helps them comply
with the law. If drone users comply with the law, then it takes less department resources to address
community concerns about drones. LADDAS will save our department money by decreasing investigative
time required to address community drone issues.
The specific way in which our department is going to use LADDAS, is by taking video and photographs
during traffic stops, crime scene investigations, police chases, and missing person searches. Time is
crucial when we are searching for someone in the heat, and LADDAS will let us cover more area in a
shorter time.
I’m really excited that Drone Control Systems came up with a solution to address this new technology. It
shows that they are forward thinking, and I’m happy to be working with them. LADDAS benefits the
community and we have a vested interest in seeing them succeed.”
The Local Area Drone Dispatch and Authorization System, LADDAS, provides law enforcement,
commercial businesses, hobbyist, and regulatory agencies with the ability to:
∙ Register drone operators with LADDAS

∙ Associate FAA drone registration with LADDAS registration
∙ Alert drone operators to the proximity of other drones
∙ Monitor and record, and play back drone flight activities
∙ Send directions to guide personnel to the UAV’s current location
∙ Create permissible drone flight areas and no- fly zones
∙ Identify compliant vs. non-compliant drones
∙ UAV fleet management
The LADDAS System is comprised of five elements:

∙ Proprietary drone mounted transponder that transmits GPS data to LADDAS
∙ Drone operator’s display mobile application
∙ Regulatory enforcement display mobile application
∙ Administrator’s console system
∙ Microsoft Azure™ – based cloud communication backbone

For more information see www.uavfms.com




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