First On-Demand Drone Insurance Company Launches in 40 States


Today, Verifly, the first company to offer on-demand drone insurance, officially launches in 40 states — including California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Starting at $10/hour with an easy-to-use app, Verifly is the easiest, lowest cost and most flexible drone liability insurance option for both recreational and commercial users, protecting drone users from potential claims from third-parties. The app combines mapping technology with real-time conditions to advise users of potential flying risks and provide policies that are tailored to flight location, with no need for hardware or drone integration. Verifly’s next-generation on-demand insurance model means users only pay for insurance when they want to fly their drone.

Drone use in industries such as photography, real estate and agriculture is growing exponentially, and the only options currently available are pricey annual policies that don’t always match user needs. With Verifly’s easy-to-use app, users can get instant approval in two taps, eliminating the need for a lengthy underwriter review and providing instant coverage only moments before the drone takes flight.

Verifly is led by founder Jay Bregman, previously CEO and co-founder of the ride hailing app,Hailo, and I’d be happy to connect you with him today for comment on the rising popularity of drones and their impact on business.

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