Théa: The first FAA Approved Drone


Théa is the world’s first UAS to meet the high standards for an FAA Airworthiness Certificate

Enterprise Drone Solutions, based in Tucson, AZ is introducing Théa: the world’s first UAS to meet the high standards for an FAA Airworthiness Certificate. Théa has expanded operational capabilities beyond those of any other commercial unmanned aircraft, to allow legal flight over crowds, at night, and beyond. By providing unmatched aircraft-grade reliability (10^-9 Failure Rate), Théa meets the stringent requirements necessary to go where consumer-grade systems can’t.

This opens up many new opportunities for the commercial use of unmanned aircraft, but in particular, Théa offers the film & television industry the benefits of camera-equipped helicopters at a fraction of the cost. Its capability for flight at night and over people, combined with its capacity to carry full cinema camera systems offers industry-standard features and control with reduced expense.

Théa has unmatched payload and flight-time capabilities, allowing you to do more

No PayloadFull Payload (11kg)
Weight (Ready to fly)27kg (60lb)38kg (83lb)
Flight time35 mins21 mins
Max Speed40kph (24mph)30kph (20 mph)
Climb rate7 m/s5 m/s
Radio Range1500m
Operating Temperature120 to -20 deg F
Tech specs:

  • 1100mm Diagonal
  • 780mm x 780mm x 800mm unfolded
  • 29in props
  • 3 sets of high-power LiPo batteries
  • 4000w of charging power for continuous flight
  • Unmatched 99.9999999% reliability
Théa can handle the most demanding camera payloads, such as:


Canon C500


RED Epic X / Dragon


Sony FS7

Théa has unprecedented flexibility

  • Ability to fly at night, allowing you to capture striking footage
  • Can fly with weights above 55lb to carry the best camera equipment
  • Ability to fly beyond line of sight to capture footage that would be impossible to get otherwise
  • The ability to fly over uninvolved people like crowds and roads to allow you to go where you couldn’t before

Continuing Support

Support packages are available to back Théa’s unparalleled reliability with unparalleled service. We provide next-day guaranteed service, including required maintenance intervals for flight worthiness, as well as 24/7 support, so you never have to worry.

More information is available at

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