FOTV Launches First 24/7 Drone Racing Channel


FOTV Media Networks CEO Alki David announced today the launch of the Drone TV on the leading streaming TV platform Drone TV is the first 24/7 channel devoted to the booming new sport of drone racing, and will reach’s 70 million monthly unique users. The channel was created by award winning TV producer and sportsman, Skip Fredericks,in conjunction with Michael J. Ellman, President of Dreamprize Productions LTD. Watch Drone TV here.

The channel will feature 10 new one-hour episodes of adrenalin packed programming each week, as well as wall-to-wall coverage of major championship events, and highlights from thousands of hours of archives. In addition to races, the channel features interviews with the racers and engineers leading the sport. FOTV also announced that Drone TV will be the featured media partner at Interdrone, the international drone expo in Las Vegas, September 7-9.

“Drone Racing is changing the way we think about sports and virtual reality, and FOTV is proud to launch the very first channel devoted to it 24/7 on,” said FOTV Media Networks CEO Alki David. “It’s truly the next NASCAR and watching these little warriors tear it up at 100 MPH is sick, addictive fun.”

Championship drone racing events are carrying $1 million prizes in places like Dubai, and entry into the sport that uses the fastest selling tech item since the iPhone makes it engaging to all audiences. Its “green” aspect (all drones are electric) and its built in inclusiveness for participants (anyone can learn to fly a drone regardless of age, sex, disability, etc.) make it a truly 21st Century sport everyone can love. Drone Racing has also been called the first “multi-reality” sport because it takes the best of virtual and physical worlds and combines it into a unique experience: pilots fly the crafts they build and tune, with first-person point of view.

Skip Fredricks has produced award winning television for USA, Spike TV and HBO including the first ever Extreme Sports TV show for FOX Sports in 1997. That show was the first ever to air Street Luge, SnakeBoarding, and Wing Suit Sky Diving. He is an award winning cinematographer and has earned two Emmy nominations. Fredericks is an FAA Certified Drone Flight Instructor at the Unmanned Vehicle University.

“Here’s the deal, you take your gamers, pretty much living in their home caves 24/7 playing first person shooters, kind of white and pasty from never leaving that room, toss in some BMX riders, skateboarders, your basic extreme sport athlete tatted from head to toe, put a racing drone in their hands, strap some FPV glasses on his face and the reality gets twisted, augmented, virtual, 360VR, and does it really matter, you’re in the seat, you’re flying the Death-Star Trench at 80 miles per hour and its outside in the real world racing in a virtual one,” said Drone TV creator Skip Fredricks. “That’s Drone racing and that’s why we created Drone TV. It truly gets you high.”

President of Dreamprize Productions, Ltd. Michael J. Ellman, said, “Dreamprize teamed up with Skip Fredricks to create the exciting Drone TV channel exclusively on FilmOn. Dreamprize was founded 40 years ago to create direct response advertising. We’ve now expanded to create content and an exciting channel that distributes advertising on that channel — Drone TV on the FilmOn platform.”

FilmOn TV Networks is part of Alki David’s FOTV Media Networks and offers over 800+ free channels of licensed and original content, and premium cable channels. The group of companies also includes premium TV and movie site CinemaNow, online video discovery site OVGuide, and Hologram FOTV Productions which produces hologram stage shows of celebrities as well as VR and video 360 distribution.

Watch the trailer for Drone TV here.

Watch Drone TV now at:

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