KIMON Selfie Drone-Flying Camera


Recently, the KIMON selfie drone launched by Keyshare Information Technology, the Hunan-based Chinese company, on the Crowdfunding Platform has attracted great attention. Many are wondering why KIMON has won so much support, but many more are beginning to take an interest in the rising selfie drone industry, which is the result of applying high technology in people’s everyday life.

A revolutionary selfie-taking tool

A new trend of selfie-taking is around the corner. The revolution KIMON has brought about is leaving the selfie-taking technology represented by the selfie stick far behind. By applying the principles of drone flight, a mini drone is converted to a 360-degree smartphone-controlled selfie tool without any space limitations. The product integrates advanced technology and practicality, making itself a new favorite of the market.

A new entertainment tool

The current era is one that pursues entertainment, with its fun first spirit, focus on social media, and change of aesthetic towards one’s self. That explains why the selfie-taking trend has been so strong since the appearance of the selfie stick. Now we’re expecting an even stronger wave of the trend thanks to KIMON selfie drone, particularly among the young population.

Based on the current drone technology, KIMON has developed its own unique features of auto-follow photography, panoramic photography and 360-degree photography. How can an enthusiast of selfie-taking resist such a magical tool?

The product is leveraging the market segmentation strategy to make it a household entertainment product and to produce a unique value by positioning itself as a within-reach high-tech item. The affordable price, all-encompassing functionalities and wonderful design demonstrate this goal of KIMON.

This selfie drone provides a more colorful alternative to the everyday consumer than any of the other similar products currently on the market.

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