3DR Announces Investment From Autodesk


3DR announces investment from Autodesk® to continue the development of Site Scan™, the Premier Aerial Data Capture and Analytics Platform.

Last week, during the first Autodesk Forge conference, we announced that 3DR received an important investment from Autodesk, makers of powerful and popular desktop software programs used by top construction, engineering, and surveying firms around the world. The investment shows Autodesk’s commitment to 3DR and the deeper integration of Site Scan with Autodesk’s flagship products.

Designed for the field professional, Site Scan is an intuitive, powerful and open aerial analytics platform that leverages the latest innovations in image capture and cloud processing capabilities from Autodesk to deliver an end-to-end solution for reality capture workflows. Site Scan makes it safer and easier for people to aggregate and process multiple forms of reality capture data and perform inspections.

Autodesk’s market-leading suites offer powerful and popular tools for planning, monitoring and analyzing projects of any size and duration. Legacy technology for reality-based data capture is expensive, labor intensive, and put humans in harm’s way. Site Scan, in tandem with Autodesk’s powerful ReCap cloud analytics platform, represents the first fully integrated camera-to-cloud data pipeline. With the push of a button, Site Scan quickly and automatically collects the required aerial data and securely uploads it to the 3DR Cloud and to the Autodesk 360 Cloud. Once processed, the reality data (2D orthographic views, 3D point cloud, 3D mesh, DEMs, BIMs and more) is available for consumption and for use with many Autodesk products, supporting various use cases such as surveying sites, measuring stockpiles, and conceptual modeling. With Site Scan, critical data is now more accessible than ever before.

Autodesk’s investment in 3DR shows how serious both of our companies are about the future of drones in commercial data collection and analytics. As 3DR continues to expand into the enterprise space, expect continuous advancements that simplify the use and increase the value of your investments in Autodesk products.

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