GoPro’s Karma Drone: What We Know So Far

GoPro is one of the highest regarded names in the action camera biz, but it has yet to take to the skies. At least not in its own namesake drone. That will change this year; the company has released two teaser videos for a drone called Karma.

The two teaser videos show off footage from the company’s Hero 4 cameras. The first shows off forests, farms and fields in 1080p, asking the on-the-nose question, “What if you could fly?.” The second video features skier Bobby Brown and his pals taking on a mountain. GoPro’s  web page for Karma lists the vague release date of 2016. The company had said it would be ready in the first half of the year, but in May the CEO said it would delay the release until the holiday season.

GoPro hasn’t revealed how much the drone will cost, how long it will fly on a charge, if it will come with image stabilization or autonomous flying modes, or even whether you plug in an existing GoPro camera or if it comes with one. Karma will have stiff competition from the likes of the $1,400 DJI Phantom 4, which has about 25 minutes of flight time, obstacle sensors and ActiveTrack technology to follow a subject on its own.

Karma won’t be the first drone on the market to use GoPro cameras. The $800 3DR Solo was made for GoPro’s Hero 3 and 4 cameras. We found the attractive quadcopter to be expensive, but easily maneuverable.

We’ll share more about Karma when we know more

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