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Global UAV Technologies Ltd. a diversified and vertically integrated drone technology company, is pleased to announce that it has commenced discussions with Empirical Systems Aerospace Inc., (“ESAero”), to assess the Procyon 800E helicopter UAV for commercial production and manufacturing. The Procyon 800E UAV was designed and developed by Global UAV’s ...
The popularity of drone technology keeps growing, as does the number of these unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the air. But with the increasing number of drones going skyward, the risk of aircraft collisions rises as well. The Drone-it! device, collaboratively developed by Airbus Defence and Space, aims to tackle the issue by monitoring and separating ...


Drone Safety Systems company, ParaZero Technologies Ltd  is delighted to announce it has appointed former USA FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta, to its advisory board.   This represents a landmark achievement for ParaZero as Mr. Huerta holds over three decades of senior and executive management experience in the technology and aviation ...
Keeping patrons safe and free of distraction is a priority for venues hosting sporting events, concerts, and festivals. Black Sage, a defense technology integrator, offers a proven solution to detect and identify drone activity at large scale venues and events. Over the past season, Black Sage provided its Counter-UAS detection and identification system ...

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